You might notice that Dr. Thacker will be out of the office from March 31st-April 11th… and it’s for a very exciting reason! Dr. Thacker will be presenting to a group of his colleagues in Italy at the North Atlantic Angle Society Meeting!


Dr. Thacker is Board Certified with the American Board of Orthodontics and was recently honored to be invited to become a member of Angle Orthodontists! He first received an invitation to be a member from the Director of Vanderbilt University Department Of Orthodontics.


The Edward H. Angle Society of Orthodontists pursues excellence and progress in the field of orthodontics and offers an invitation-only membership to orthodontists who display these attributes in their work. To reach full membership with the society, chosen orthodontists must complete and present research and reports. This process can take up to 10 years!


The Angle Society is comprised of roughly 660 members worldwide, with about 5% of  North American orthodonists as members and more than 70 orthodontists from countries outside of North America. The Society is split into seven regional Components which meet annually. Every other year, all seven Components meet for the Biennial Meeting.


Dr. Thacker hopes that his current work on Clinical Effectiveness of Early Treatment (also researched by Dr. MaryEvan Thacker, his daughter) will gain him full membership into the society!


Though Dr. Thacker will be out of the office for a couple of weeks, we will be answering phones and available for emergencies, which will be handled by Dr. MaryEvan and staff!